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The first concern here is you knowing that The New Seraph started as a charitable initiative and has evolved into a Religious Body aiming at winning souls as an Evangelical Mission, making people toe the path of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Having said that, not knowing what The New Seraph stands for may make you misunderstand the word “NEW”.

We are still the Cherubim & Seraphim Church (Gege bii t’igbani); PASSIONATE SERAPHS whose whole hearts are committed to moving the Church forward, but as “The New Seraph”, we all are enjoined to start doing things in a more ORGANIZED way, placing more priority on PRAYERS, EVANGELISM and UNDILUTED WORD OF GOD, without being over-dependent on prophecies, etc

Furthermore, Emancipation Of The Youths & Women through the Dr. O. Yomi-Sholoye Foundation.

The records are there – The New Seraph has impacted more lives of Seraphs and this is one major aspect which the Church needs more; catering for the people (people are the church anyway).

We cannot pretend as if our former ways are so perfect while we continue losing members on daily basis for avoidable reasons. We all need check out the rate at which C&S members who are truly hungry for the WORD OF GOD are going out because of stipends they get alongside opportunities their fellow youths get in other churches, hence we coming up with Programmes, and Fora that are soul lifting for personal and spiritual growths of all Seraphs and Non Seraphs.

The strength of The New Seraph however lies in her Name; It’s an embodiment of REALITIES telling us to see ourselves doing things right – from the Head to Everyone in the fold.

The Name, Cherubim & Seraphim still stands and would continue to wax stronger

You are “The New Seraph”

We are “The New Seraph”.

So, whenever anyone asks you saying, “What Is The New Seraph All About?”, here is what you’d tell them Sir…

“The New Seraph is a body born out of the need to sensitize Cherubim & Seraphim Members across board towards doing things RIGHTLY, with major focus on sustaining the true values of the Church as founded by Saint Moses Orimolade Tunolase – TRUE EVANGELISM, PRAYER & UNDILUTED WORD OF GOD.”

Kindly Visit Our Website For More Details & Updates As To Our Activities.

New Seraph!
New Glory!!

– The New Seraph Media


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