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Recall that thousands of Seraphs trooped to the Seraphim Land for the Quarterly Night of Restoration Vigil, tagged The Last Ark (July 20, 2018),  that was hosted by our humble self.

Feelers from Seraphs that participated in the programme indicated that the event was second to none in the annals of the Church since inception.

Should we allow this new spirit of earth-shaking evangelism die in us? Should we continue to do things the old way? The answer is ‘NO’.

If your answer is as good as mine, then we have to be awakened from our long-held slumber and reposition our church. That is the great Commission the Lord has placed on our laps which is what I want to share with you all.

Please let us all ponder over the state of our church today and examine where we should have been. If you ask me, I strongly believe that the C&S Church of today should be well grounded in the Word of God and de-emphasize total dependence on prophesy (not that prophesy is bad). What should be topmost in our hearts is the efficacy of prayers and good teaching of the Word of God.

There is also the need for us to advance the fate of our members as Seraphs. That leads me to empowerment of our youths.

Many of our youths today lag behind their peers in the scheme of things in the society of which we Seraphs are a part. So, in order to correct this imbalance, there is need for aggressive youth empowerment programmes, scholarships to our youths from well-to-do Seraphs, vocational and skill acquisition trainings for them, donation of educational materials to those not so privileged among our youths. When these are done, there will be creativity and innovations from the youths which, in turn, will advance the course of our church and its people.

Our women too needed to be empowered. Many of our women in the church go through harrowing experiences trying to assist their penurious husbands to make ends meet at home. We need to teach these industrious women how to fish rather than continue to give them fish.

As a church of the 21st century, we need to improve the economic power of our members generally.  We need to develop projects that will improve the economic power of our members so that they can be self-sufficient and also compete favourably in the larger society and also directly contribute to the growth/stability of the Church.

Our professionals, CEO’s, technocrats & Business Executives need to start networking, exchanging great ideas to the benefit of themselves, the youth and the church at Large.

It is our thinking also that there should be recreational facilities for our youths particularly where they can always retire to after a hard day/week’s work, after all, it is said that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Also, where these recreational facilities are provided and made good use of, it will serve as a unifying tool/factor for all C&S churches. Football for example is a unifying factor for Nigeria & the World as a whole.

Moving forward for us as a ‘New Seraph’ we have to henceforth GENUINELY do things modestly and with minimum standards particularly in our dressings, modes of worship, cleanliness of our churches environment to make them look quite attractive for worshippers.

Our people also need to change their attitudes in the way they behave and what they say. We need a coordinated and moderated publicity mechanism where what we push out on facebook, twitter, instagram and other social media outlets of our churches are streamlined and scrutinised. (Many churches post unpleasant things in those platforms which continue to derogate us as Seraphs.


If we buy and key into this ‘New Seraph project’ then we must henceforth be good Ambassadors of the New Seraph.

Just like God commissioned Ezra to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem so I have been commissioned to rejuvenate the dying evangelism mandate of the church. That actually spurred me to willfully accept to host the July 20, 2018 vigil in such manner.

Let us all remember that the chief mandate of the founding fathers/mothers of the church is evangelism and if we must tell ourselves the truth, we have not been so forceful and pushful in carrying out this mandate today, like of old. Fact is, we have been ‘sleeping’ for too long.

It appears we are fast derailing from this mandate and that we are now trying to emulate those who take the riches of the world as their core mandate upon which their denominations were founded. That is not our lot as members of the Cherubim & Seraphim organisation. Ours is to preach the Word, evangelise to win souls for Christ and His coming Kingdom.

The task ahead all of us is how we can improve on the July 20 vigil that we all saw at Seraphim land. That is not a poser for just one person, but every Seraph.

It goes without saying, therefore, that while we are here to unwind in this convivial atmosphere, we are also to begin from this moment to re-dedicate and commit ourselves to the poser I raised above which is how we can build on what we witnessed at Seraphim land on July 20.

But let me say that we cannot be where we ought to be by mere talk, unless when we commit our energy, time and resources to this task ahead all of us.

We cannot leave our spiritual heads alone to this task. We as foot soldiers of the church should be at the vanguard of this great Commission.

We as a church needs to move to the next level. We must be willing and ready to harness our God-given talents and resources to build this church and take it to where it ought to be in this age and time.

Dear fathers and mothers, no one can go this road alone. We need the support and cooperation of everyone in the church; young and old, male and female.

We also challenge our fathers and mothers to bring forward their members who, I believe, are also itching to join in the restoration of the lost glory of the church, but who probably are not being given the green light by their respective church leaders.

It is time to move the church of God forward and we are ready to lead in this crusade.

Thank you.