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Be Security Conscious, Ensure Due Diligence When JOB-HUNTING

Dear Brethren,


If you receive any Job Interview Invitation scheduled for an unknown or known location/address, kindly take your time to run a background check on the location/address as noted in the Interview Notification/Text/E-mail – Ask Questions From Possible Persons/Sources who may be well informed about the Name of the Organization and Location.

You would do yourself a great good if you can type that address on Google for possible ideas and histories so far on the address.

Also, you may ensure due diligence by you typing the address on Nairaland to check things out and see what people have said about the address in recent past.

Do not wait till you get there and discover that the address is just an old building and that the said company does not really exist.

As much as you’re anxious to get a job, do not be desperate to the extent of you not ensuring due diligence as I urge you all to be very watchful, mindful and security conscious at this crucial time.

May God Continue To Protect Us All In Jesus Name. Amen!

– Her Grace Dr. Oluwaseye Yomi-Sholoye JP
Founder, The New Seraph

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