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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Michael Oluwadamife AkinwaleRecounts Experiences Of Meeting His “Physical Comforter”

A young man by the name Akinwale Michael Oluwadamife who recently graduated from the Delta State Polytechnic Ozoro has taken to social media with several posts acknowledging the unexplainable wonders; care and comfort he has experienced since he got to meet Her Grace Dr. O. Yomi-Sholoye JP.

The New Seraph Media however followed up with him for an exclusive interview on what inspired his recent posts online.

Below are edited excerpts from the interview with Mr Akinwale Oluwadamife Michael and The New Seraph Correspondent, Adewunmi Oke.

Q: Can we meet you Sir?

A: I am Akinwale Michael Oluwadamife, a Graduate of Delta State Polytechnic Ozoro. I was born into the family of 10 and my father retired from work in the year 2012. Sadly, I also lost my mother in that same 2012 and since then, life has been so hard and tough for us as a Family.

Particularly in my own case, no one was even ready to listen or assist me to either further my education or attempt anything based on my academics.

Q: It’s obvious you must have gone through a lot; do you mind sharing your experiences with us Sir?

A: Hmmmmmnnn!!! Life was not so easy for me after the demise of my mother in the year 2012 because I was still in secondary school then and coming from a Polygamous home, our father had many wives.

Meanwhile, being the last Born in the family, my Father declared to me he doesn’t have any resources to send me to Higher institution so I should know how I would cope and survive.

Of course, I knew then that truly, my father could have helped the situation if he had all it takes to send me to school.

Infact, I searched round for help. I was forsaken by some persons whom I thought could be of help, but when God’s Grace becomes sufficient, nothing can stop you.

Q: Some of your recent trending posts on social media are revealing as you’re seen acknowledging a “physical comforter”; could you share with us what inspired such online posts?

A: Yes oooo! Dr Oluwaseye Yomi-Sholoye JP is really a Physical Comforter to me because when all hopes were totally lost and I was so depressed as a young guy trying to find means here and there, she volunteered herself for me as A MOTHER, seeing me through on everything concerning my education without knowing any of my Relatives or Family.

Sincerely speaking, I never thought this could happen in real life o; She wiped away all my tears and all fears were subdued when God announced Mummy Sholoye’s Presence in my life.

Since I was born to this world, I have only seen such wonders in Nollywood movies; I never knew someone like her ever exists, not until God established her presence in my life.

Of all the things she said and promised, she has always done even more… This is why I call her MY PHYSICAL COMFORTER, GUARDIAN ANGEL, “ABIYAMO TOOTO”

With an all expense paid scholarship, Mother made payment of all the things I needed in school, all through as a Student; Payment of My School Fees through out the Academic Years spent at Delta State Polytechnic, Payment of my Hostel Bills through out, Project and Seminar Fees, Clearance Fees and Convocation Bills, alongside NYSC Registration Fee.

What else do I need?

So many things Mother did for me that I cannot even remember anymore because she did more than enough for me.

Q: How did you come across this fortune that smiled on you?

A: By divine arrangement, I never met Her Grace Dr. O. Yomi-Sholoye JP in person before she helped to bring me out from a deep mess and even till date, she hasn’t stopped being there for me.

Sincerely speaking, NO ONE introduced or brought me to Mother or anyone in New Seraph. I only reached out via Inbox and that was it; I presented my case and I guess after due check on all my claims, they were all found to be genuine.

Further Background Checks were carried out at my school and here we are today.

Till date, I see her as an “Angel” in Human Form. Even when I had course to tell her my ordeal, I told her just little of my life history because even as at then, I was about to drop out from school due to no assistance or sponsor to help me out but immediately, Mother said to me – BY GOD’S GRACE, I WILL ASSIST YOU IN EVERYTHING CONCERNING YOUR EDUCATION.

I was shocked and amazed, asking myself that “Can this truly be done?” Without knowing any of my Family? Without meeting or demanding to meet them?

So, if I say God used Mummy Sholoye to pick me from Dump and make me favoured, I really know what I am saying, because I AM NOW A GRADUATE; the first Graduate out of the entire Children of my Deceased Mum’s children.

At this juncture, permit me to acknowledge all the Executives of The New Seraph who stood by me and assisted me also when I needed serious help; they kept calling and checking on me, especially each time I needed help with no delay. May God bless them all in Jesus name. Amen!

Q: So, what’s your aspiration now that you have successfully become a Graduate?

A: First is to go for my NYSC programme, secure a Job and further for a Post Graduate Course

Q: What do you have to say about The New Seraph and particularly the Dr. O. Yomi-Sholoye Foundation?

A: The New Seraph and Dr O. Yomi-Sholoye Foundation are Organizations laid by God, basically to wipe tears of many people; assist people who are in need, care for People who are helpless and hopeless, empowerment for different categories of people.

No one comes in contact with these 2 Organizations with Tears without going back with joy. My Life is a Testimony on its own and I have heard testimonies from many. I mean MANY other Beneficiaries from several categories.

And surprisingly, no blowing of trumpets; most testimonies I have heard from countless people about wonders of The New Seraph and Dr. O. Yomi-Sholoye Foundation are directly from beneficiaries like me, not from either our Dear Mother or any member of The New Seraph Team.

This apparently affirms the fact that Mother O. Yomi-Sholoye is truly a God sent to many in this generation.


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