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The New Seraph Goes Digital on Membership – Secretariat Announces

Members of The New Seraph home and Abroad have been notified of the plan of the Body to digitalize its membership.

According to the General Secretary of The New Seraph, Prophet Omotosho Akande who addressed Attendees at the maiden Convention of The Virtuous Women wing of The New Seraph which took place last Friday at Faith Mission C&S Church Headquarter in Satellite Town Lagos, he said “data management is key to the growth of an organization and that is why The New Seraph has come up with a Data Management System to keep an eye on its members, know more about its membership as well as acting fairly to all members across board.

Founder of The New Seraph, Her Grace Dr. Oluwaseye Yomi-Sholoye JP also emphasized on the the essence of the digitization process which includes owning a membership card that would help in identifying responsive and financially responsible members of The New Seraph.

The New Seraph Media however gathered that soon, Identification cards will be issued to all members who successfully completed the membership process.


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