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You Have to Let Go and Let God


The bible text of today says “Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.”

  1. Let go of the things that those not glorify God
  2. Let go of what weighs you down
  3. Let go of your doubt and fear
  4. Let go of your negative attitude- we must be willing and prepared to let go of the life we have so we can have a new life that is waiting for us.
  5. Let go of the regrets
  6. Let go of the bitterness, anger, and unforgiveness
  7. Let go of the love of the world, lust of the flesh
  8. Let go of the experience you need to leave: If we would keep on replaying the past mistakes over and over again in our head, we won’t be able to make a new experience.


Abraham: Lot was the brother of Abraham and their staying together was not the plan of God for Abraham. Until God separated Lot from Abraham was he able to see the beauty of the land flowing with milk and honey.

Pharaoh: He let Go of the Israelites after God smote the firstborn of the Egyptians.

Hagar:The maidservant of Sarah who bore Ishmael unto Abraham, let go of the house of Abraham after Sarah gave birth to Isaac and Ismael became a great man because of God’s blessing over his life.Gen21 vs 10 to end.

Joseph:Joseph whom Potiphar’s wife lied upon and was also sowed into slavery. He let go of his grievances, hatred and forgave his siblings who sold him into slavery.

JESUS ON THE CROSS-letting go of life:

Luke 23:46 And when Jesus had cried with a loud voice, he said, Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit: and having said thus, he gave up the ghost. Mark’s account of His death brings out that the veil of the temple torn from top to bottom. Not bottom to top.

God tore apart the petition of separation between Himself and fallen man when Jesus let go of His life!

In Matthew’s account of His death, he brings out that there was an earthquake!

Had Jesus held back His life and refused to die that day, Salvation would have never reached you and Jesus said  Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die; it abideth alone, but if it die it bringeth forth much fruit. The act of letting go, on Christ part, was accompanied by a powerful earthquake! When we let go of our lives and abandon our wills to God, we will also experience the mighty power of God at work and the lost will come to Jesus!

PAUL AND SILAS IN JAIL– letting go of praise:

This truly dynamic duo were going about the Father’s business, lifting up the name of Jesus. They met up with a lady that was under the control of a nasty old demon. They, being full of the Holy Ghost, naturally told the demon that his game was over and cast him out. What a hornet’s nest they stirred up when they did that.

She could no longer prophe-lie about the future. Her masters became really hot and bothered about this, and they made a stink. They were thrown into prison! Instead of saying things like: “How could this have happened to us?” or, “Is this the thanks we get for working for God? ETC.

NO, they let go of their praises to God! They did not forget that God was worthy no matter what their circumstances. They did not hold back the praises that God deserved! Guess what happened… Yes, another earthquake!

It set them free without harming a soul and the jailer and his family came to Christ! The psalmist said, “LET, THERE BE PRAISE! (Ps. 150:6) In other words, don’t hold it back!

THE EARLY CHURCH-letting go of fear

The leaders of the newborn church had also stirred up a huge stink with the Sadducees. Their contagious faith in Christ brought strength to a lame man’s feet!

He went walking and leaping and praising God! The Sadducees told them that they could not preach any more in this name of Jesus or else! Remember, it was the religious bunch that were crying crucify Jesus not many days before this!

Well, they gathered back to their prayer closet and told the Heavenly Father about the threats from the “Jesus haters united” group, and asked Him for the guts to keep on preaching; and can you believe what happened?

God granted them a fearlessness to preach Christ and they went out and kept right on telling the wondrous story of Jesus and His love; and because they let go of their fear, they proceeded to turn the world upside down!

God is looking for a few in this world that will let go and let God be God! Let’s be people that cause God to shake this dying world again!

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